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VSI publishes its annual report each year that gives a record of organization's all activities during the year under report. The Annual Report also reflects VSI's strength and work done for the entire Sugar and allied Industry through R&D, education & training and extension services.
We are pleased to present here our 37th Annual Report for the year 2012-2013.

Annual Report 2012-2013

Annual Report 2012-2013
(To view chapters, click on PDF image)

Cover Pages

Front Pages302 kb
Contents Page202 kb
President's Foreword
President's Foreword247 kb
Vice-President Perceives
Vice-President Perceives127 kb
From the Desk of the Director General
From the Desk of the Director General262 kb
Introduction of VSI303 kb
Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees161 kb
. .
Governing Council
Governing Council201 kb
. .
Supporting Committees
[Selection, Investment, Technical, Building & Purchase]
Supporting Committees117 kb
Tehnical Performance
Technical Review of Sugar Factories in Maharashtra State, Season 2012-2013 (Oct.-Sept.)
Technical Review of Sugar Factories in Maharashtra State335 kb
HRD, Library, Services & Sugar Factory Visits
Services Offered by VSI426 kb
Technical Reports
Agriculture Science and Technology Division
Technical Report of Agriculture Science and Technology Division1.8 mb
. .
Sugar Technology Division
Technical Report of Sugar Technology Division704 kb
. .
Sugar Engineering Division
Technical Report of Sugar Engineering Division551 kb
. .
Alcohol Technology Division
Technical Report of Alcohol Technology Division552.kb
. .
Environmental Sciences Division
Technical Report of Environment Science Division523 kb
. .
Electronics and Computer Division
Technical Report of Electronics and Computer Division414 kb
. .
Instrumentation Division
Technical Report of Instrumentation Division409 kb
Awards of Excellance
Annexture - Awards of Excellence1.5 mb
. .
Memberships With Other Organizations and Institutional Committees
Annexture - Memberships with other organizations & Institutional Committees288 kb
. .
VSI Officials at Various Committees
Annexture - Collaborations and Memberships of VSI staffs on reputed committees267 kb
. .
Annexture - Publications294 kb
. .
Seminars Organized and Participated by VSI Scientists
Annexture - Symposium/ Seminar/ Workshop/ Conference/ Training/ Meeting269 kb
. .
Lectures Delivered by Visitors
Annexture - Lectures Delivered by Visitors305 kb
. .
Invited Lectures by VSI Officers
Annexture - Lectures Delivered by Visitors217 kb
. .
Lectures, Radio and Television Programs by VSI Officials
Annexture - Invited Lectures/ Talka & Radio/ Television Programs by VSI officials266 kb
. .
Awarded Articles and Research Projects
Annexture - Awarded Articles and Research Projects307 kb
. .
Distinguished Visitors
Annexture - Distinguished Visitors313 kb
. .
Visits to Technical Institutes
Annexture - Visits to Technical Institutes209 kb
. .
Visits by Technical Staff
Annexture - Visits by Technical Staff329 kb
. .
Visits Abroad
Annexture - Visits Abroad212 kb
. .
Status of Cogeneration Projects
Annexture - Status of Cogeneration Projects295 kb
. .
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Annexture - Abbreviations and Acronyms289 kb
. .
Sugar Factories in Maharashtra State
Final - In the Service of Indian Sugar Industry
Final Page - In the Service of Indian Sugar Industry342 kb

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