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VSI Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter which reflects the pulse of the Industry and dessiminates information about the latest developments and events in the Institute as well as in the field.

To download latest VSI Bulletin issue, click on the image

To request a copy of past VSI Bulletin issues, please send us an email

VSI Bulletin - Download PDF version

Current Issues

Vol.18, Issue-4, January 2019

Download PDF Version of VSI Bulletin Here 1.84 mb

Vol.18, Issue-3, October 2018

Download PDF Version of VSI Bulletin Here 1.46 mb

Vol.18, Issue-2, July 2018

Download PDF Version of VSI Bulletin Here 995 kb

Vol.18, Issue-1, April 2018

Download PDF Version of VSI Bulletin Here 1.01 mb
Past Issues

Vol.17, Issue-4, January 2018

1.70 mb

Vol.17, Issue-3, October 2017

1.52 mb

Vol.17, Issue-2, July 2017

482 kb

Vol.17, Issue-1, April 2017

1.76 mb

Vol.16, Issue-4, January 2017

2.08 mb

Vol.16, Issue-3, November 2016

982 kb

Vol.16, Issue-2, July 2016

1.35 mb

Vol.16, Issue-1, April 2016

1.60 mb

Vol.15, Issue-4, January 2016

1.34 mb

Vol.15, Issue-3, October 2015

1.99 mb

Vol.15, Issue-2, July 2015

965 kb

Vol.15, Issue-1, April 2015

2.57 mb

Vol.14, Issue-4, January 2015

1.46 mb

Vol.14, Issue-3, October 2014

1.32 mb

Vol.14, Issue-2, July 2014

951 kb

Vol.14, Issue-1, April 2014

1.93 mb

Vol.13, Issue-4, January 2014

1.83 mb

Vol.13, Issue-3, October 2013

1.30 mb

Vol.13, Issue-2, July 2013

1.26 mb

Vol.13, Issue-1, April 2013

1.84 mb

Vol.12, Issue-4, January 2013

987 kb

Vol.12, Issue-3, October 2012

997 kb

Vol.12, Issue-2, July 2012

1.21 mb

Vol.12, Issue-1, April 2012

448 kb

Vol.11, Issue-4, January 2012

2.03 mb

Vol.11, Issue-3, October 2011

1.10 mb

Vol.11, Issue-2, July 2011

1.02 mb

Vol.11, Issue-1, April 2011

521 kb

Vol.10, Issue-4, January 2011

956 kb

Vol.10, Issue-3, October 2010

554 kb

Vol.10, Issue-2, July 2010

333 kb

Vol.10, Issue-1, April 2010

500 kb

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