• Provides technical consultancy in the fields of crop production, crop protection and crop improvement.
  • Prepares project reports on erection of new plants and on modernization and expansion of the existing units.
  • Undertakes technical and performance evaluation of mills.
  • Analyses samples of sugar, sugarhouse products, alcohol and liquors, process chemicals, soil, water, effluents and also tests drip irrigation materials..
  • Develops and supplies user-friendly ERP software, databases, test kits and instruments.
  • Undertakes maintenance, repair and calibration of sugar mills instruments.
  • Supplies good quality seed material, bio-fertilizers, vermi--composts and micronutrient fertilizers.
  • Multiplies and supplies farmer-friendly insects and earthworms.
  • Prepares co-generation proposals for mills and co-products.
  • Undertakes valuation of plant & machinery.
  • Undertakes ‘Energy Auditing’ of sugar & co-product units.

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