Best Practices-II

Title of the Practice: :

Hands on experience on wine making and brewing.

Objectives of the Practice:

  • To train the students in order to gain hands on experience on wine and beer making.
  • To teach different wine styles and to formulate brewing recipes.
  • To make students aware about process troubleshooting.
  • To make students aware about technological development in wine beer maing process.

Practice :

Institute has state of art pilot winery and nano-brewery for conducting hands on experience on wine making and brewing for students. The hands-on experience on wine making is done through the stepwise wine making processes such as harvesting, grape processing, juice adjustment, fermentation, post fermentation activities. Process optimization of Brewing practices is also done with different aroma profiles and its further characterization is done. This hands-on experience is conducted for 15-20 days.

Content :

The wine and brewing business is a billion-dollar business in the world. Many new entrepreneurs have entered this business and established themselves. The Indian wine market is worth over $150 million and is increasing at a CAGR of more than 20%. Grape’s wine is popular in India. Furthermore, the market is rapidly expanding. Hence, gaining the practical knowledge on wine making will be significant for students to expose to industrial processes. Brewing industry consisting of several dominant multinational companies and many thousands of other producers known as microbreweries or regional breweries or craft breweries depending on size, region, and marketing preference. Surplus and perishable fruits can be utilized as raw material for such industries to give value addition to farmers.

Evidence of Success: :

  • Students were placed in wine industries across the country and few were placed in foreign countries.
  • Students were able to get the entrepreneur skills and few students have established their own micro-brewery startups.
  • Such startups are helping in Make in India initiatives and boosting rural economy as many students are hailing from rural background.
  • Also, few students have started own consultancy to micro-brewery.

Problems encountered and resources required

There were few problems were encountered during process must adjustment, fermentation problems such as contamination, physical parameters fluctuations. Students were able to overcome such problems by the practical experience.