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1_Green hydrogen- opportunities in sugar & distillery in dustry Click To View
3_National Technology day- Theme-Integrated approach in science & technology for a sustainable future Click To View
4_Valorizing waste from Sugar & Allied Industries Click To View
5_Overview of Distilleries and Alcoholic Beverage Industry Click To View
6_Traditional vs Scientific Technologies for Mahua Spirit and Heritage Alcoholic Beverages Production-Optimization, Evaluation and Training (Heritage Wine Policy) Click To View
7_Use of Retro Fitment Kits for Compressed Biogas (CBG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Agricultural tractors Click To View
8_Environmental Clearance, Compliances, Violations and Uploading of EC on Parivesh Portal Click To View
9_Opportunities for Sugar orDistillery Industry in Compressed Biogas (CBG) Sector Click To View
10_Oxygen production in Sugar Mill-Way Forward Click To View
11_To enhance fuel ethanol production by diverting Sugarcane juice or syrup or BH molasses or Sugar Click To View
12_Preparations for ethanol production from BH molasses cane juice or Syrup and Sugar Click To View
13_Online Workshop on M.Sc. (WBAT) Part II Syllabus Restructuring Click To View
14_2nd International Conference & Exhibition On Sustainability – Innovation & Diversification in Sugar and Allied Industry Click To View
15_Wildlife Week Click To View
16_Use of sugarcane juice or syrup B-heavy molasses and sugar for enhancement of fuel ethanol production and recent advances Click To View
17_World Biofuel Day Click To View
18_Recent Developments in Environment and Safety in the Sugar and Allied Industry Click To View
19_United States of America work Experience Programme in Wine Click To View
20_Art of Brewing Click To View
21_Valorizing waste (vWa) from Sugarcane industries via innovations in pretreatment, bio-production and process intensification Click To View
2_State Level Sugar Conference 2022 Click To View