• To collect information regarding latest happenings in the field of soil science and agricultural chemistry at a global and national level.
• To implement microlevel planning of cane development to increase the average cane productivity
• To device an action plans to utilize the acquired knowledge of soil management in improving and sustainable soil productivity and thereby assisting in achieving the target of increasing average cane yield and sugar recovery establishment.
• To insist sugar mill management for establishment of soil testing laboratory at mill site and furnish technical guidance for laboratory establishment and advanced analytical methods.
• To encourage sugarcane production, efforts were made on research activities like integrated nutrient management, soil test based fertilizer recommendation, improving the fertilizer use efficiency and development of package of practices for organic sugarcane production, reclamation of salt affected soil.
• To impart the training to the sugarcane cultivators, agricultural staff of sugar mill and government officials about soil fertility and fertilizer management for sustainable cane productivity
• To train the soil chemist/analyst for standard methods of soil analysis and data interpretation for site specific fertilizer management
• To have inter-disciplinary approach within the institute and also with other organization at national/International level while planning research projects.