The Instrumentation Department caters the needs of Sugar Industry in India in general and Maharashtra in particular, with following extension and consultancy services:

• Rectify, standardize and commission the mill, boiler, boiling and laboratory instrumentation systems for its effective functioning.

• Implementing the instrumentation and control systems as per standard instrumentation practices in sugar, co-generation and distillery plants.

• Rehabilitate the existing instrumentation systems through ideal implementation of advanced instrumentation systems, which consider proper selection, inspection and commissioning of various instrumentation systems.
• Provide the information about the latest developments in instrumentation technologies to the sugar factories.
• Measurement of various parameters related to boiler operations for investigating pros & cons of inefficient boilers.

• Evaluate and improve the performance of trained staff by establishing good rapport during the factory visits for resulting healthy growth of instrumentation and automation.
• The calibration services, as per the ISO requirements, are being provided for process and laboratory instrumentation systems.

The instruments generally serviced by department is depicted below.

Sr. No. Name of the Instrument
1 Pressure gauges
2 Vacuum gauges
3 Compound gauges
4 Temperature gauges
5 Draft gauges
6 Thermocouple type temperature indicator
7 RTD type temperature indicator
8 Temperature Scanner
9 Recorder
10 Flow Indicator/Integrator
11 Flow Transmitter
12 Pressure Transmitter
13 Temperature Transmitter
14 Level Transmitter
15 pH Transmitter
16 O2 Analyzer
17 pH meter
18 Conductivity meter
19 Pol Tube
20 Brix Spindle
21 Hand Refractometer
22 Polarimeter
23 Muffle Furnace
24 Hot air oven
25 ON-OFF controller
26 P.I.D. controller
27 Control Valve
28 Valve positioner
29 Microscope
30 Flame photometer
31 Electronic balance
32 Spectrophotometer
33 Electro-pneumatic converter
34 Digital multimeter
35 Universal calibrator
36 P.R.D. Automation
37 Auto cane feed control system
38 Automatic pH control system
39 Imbibition water flow control system
40 Periodical measurements of boiler parameters
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